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eMemory is your digital home. Here you can build up your personal heritage in total privacy: keep safe your recollections, documents, memories.Create
enhance your digital heritage

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We promote greater responsibility on the web and an ecological use of data

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  • We do not sell your data
  • No data hoarding
  • Privacy and security
  • User participation and ownership
  • Selection and decluttering

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Your main archive, your digital home. Easy, fun, safe and all yours. A quiet and protected place where your contents are organized into Folders and enhanced with tags, people, places and dates, ready to be turned into stories. You can use tags to organize your memories. Protect and enhance your digital heritage.

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Memotions are collections of images, videos, texts, places and audio comments: a wonderful way to save and rediscover the moments from your past. You can keep them for yourself, or share and enhance them with your close ones.

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eMemory offers a safe and totally private space for families, organizations and companies, where you can save, share and pass on your stories, memories, documents. All members have their own personal space, and a dedicated device allows the whole group to manage the common heritage.

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Convert to digital files the most important pieces of your analog heritage: paper documents, old films, printings and slides. Enhance what you have gathered in time.

Through eMemory you can contact our network of trusted professionals: the writer to find the best words for your story, the historian to retrace your own origins, notaries and lawyers for advice on legacies, both digital and physical.

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What users say about us

Massimo Giordani - Digital Strategist, AISM Vice President

“I believe eMemory is the sharing platform we were waiting for, a bold vision to complement the world of social networks.”

Marco Bertone - Expert in European Policies and European Funds, Argonath Consultant

“Using eMemory helped me find old photos and memories I had forgotten for decades. I didn’t remember I used to be so happy!”

Emmanuela Banfo - Journalist, Freelance Editor

“I’m trying to use the platform to bring together the experiences of different family members and build up a shared memory in a secure, protected environment.”

Gianluca Cosmacini - Architect

“I have shared my photos but also work sketches with other eMemory users. It’s great to remember, and it’s great to share things in such a smart and confidential way.”

Lorenzo Fenoglio - Founder of La Banca della Memoria

“We are considering to use eMemory as the storage platform for the contents our users have been sharing on Memoro.org for many years and from many different countries.”

Mario Perini - SPI and IPA Psychoanalyst, scientific director of Il Nodo Group

“Don’t forget your dream Folder! And in the meantime, you can help me instruct educators and teachers about the risks and opportunities involved in the use of certain tools on the web.”

Patrizia Guerra - Researcher

“I’d like to spend time on eMemory reflecting on my memories and enhancing them. But I don’t have the time to upload the basic digital data. The service you offer has given me a great help.”

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the basic functions to start gathering, decluttering and protecting your memories, and to build your stories.

  • All data are encrypted (we don't access your memories!)
  • Save your emotions in one click with our Bot.
  • Organize your memories on a timeline
  • View your memory map
  • Discover the links between your memories with our graph
  • Access to basic digital legacy
  • No advertising, no data profiling
  • Safe deletion of data
  • Get involved in improving our platform and spreading our values
  • Additional services for your memory-keeping activities

Get the most from eMemory, choose the best plan to enhance your memories:

Plan forever
  • Up to 600 Memotions
  • Import up to 200 files from social networks and cloud services
  • Discount on eLegacy for digital legacy
  • Additional options
149 una tantum pay once, connect forever
Plan premium en
  • Up to 600 Memotions
  • Import up to 200 files from social networks and cloud services
  • Discount on eLegacy for digital legacy
  • Additional options
36 year 10 cent /day
Plan welcome
  • Up to 20 Memotions
  • Import up to 20 files from social networks and cloud services
  • Discount on eLegacy for digital legacy
  • Additional options exclusive to high-level plans
0 FREE, forever

Get more Memotions for only 30 /year

Price is double for free Welcome plans

Discount on eLegacy for digital legacy 20% di sconto per sempre 20% di sconto per sempre 10% di sconto per sempre
Trunk (1 TB) 199 una tantum 49per year X
Treasure Chest 49 una tantum 14per year X
Personal Assistant + 2-hour training 119 una tantum 24per year X
Yearly physical delivery of data 249 una tantum 49per year X
Unlimited import of files from social media and cloud services 14 una tantum 3per year X
Sloweb training and third-party services 10%off 10%off X
ALL INCLUSIVE Save 30% 499 una tantum 99per year X


Are you a club, an organization or a company? Are you interested in making eMemory available to your members or workers?
Contact us: we will send you an interesting offer tailored to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Subscriptions

A Memotion is a collection of enhanced memories, created from your files (pictures, videos, audio files, documents) and enriched with added details. Its size can be up to 50MB. It is one of the most important things you can do on eMemory, using your own data or with the help of others.
Our free Welcome plan includes 20 Memotions. Our Plus and Premium subscriptions include up to 600.
Obtaining more Memotions is easy. You can ask your friends, coworkers and relatives to share their memories with you, or you can purchase more Memotions. If you are a Plus or Premium user, you can save 50% on the price for more Memotions! If you need a particular amount of space, contact us: we will be happy to customize your eMemory subscription according to your wishes.
You can easily import on eMemory your best pictures from Facebook, important data saved on Dropbox, and all contents uploaded to the most common social networks and cloud services.
In eMemory basic legacy functions are limited to choosing a destiny for each of your files or Memotions.
If you use eLegacy you can manage your digital legacy: how to leave to your beloved account and important info in case of illness, inability or death? By completing your inventory you can create a will and a mandate. You can also add funeral wills.
Inside your eMemory house, the Trunk is a place where you can store a large amount of unorganized data. These are files you rarely need to access: you only wish to keep them in a safe place to retrieve them on occasion. Downloading them will take a few more minutes than usual. Exactly what happens when you need to retrieve something from an old trunk in your attic. This also has an eco-friendly side! Your digital Trunk is energy-efficient (it uses cold storage) and has a low impact on natural resources. In this way, you can reduce the space for everyday file management to what you really need to access quickly. Sometimes, even a small responsible choice can help you fight energy waste.
Inside your eMemory house, the Treasure Chest is a secure place where you can store your most valuable data. The encryption mechanisms that protect your Treasure Chest are even more sophisticated than those used for the other data on our platform. We also use a two-stage authentication process that will send a secret code to your smartphone to verify your identity as you request the access. Here you can safely store you bank account details, confidential data, sensitive data, financial data, passwords and much more.
Depending on your subscription, you can request customer care assistance via online chat, via phone or via remote software. We are available Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm (CET). You can request assistance for uploading your files to eMemory, advice on which third-party services are best suited for you, general information on the World Wide Web, and much more. If you need assistance for better gathering, selecting and uploading your contents, eMemory offers you a network of qualified professionals.
Our Telegram bot is a tool that lets you upload your memories on your eMemory profile anytime and anywhere, using Telegram chat to attach files. Uploading contents through our @bot_Telegram will feel like chatting with your digital home. All contents uploaded through our Bot will be saved in the Telegram folder on your eMemory profile.
When you upload a file to eMemory, its privacy will automatically be set to secret (red lock). This means that, when you are no longer here, it will be irreversibly deleted. To guarantee a safe deletion of files, your data are overwritten on our server and therefore made impossible to retrieve.
Furthermore, all data you upload to eMemory are encrypted with standardized algorithms recognized as the most secure, and constantly updated. We also encrypt all communications to and from the eMemory server, to protect you from anyone who tries to intercept your internet traffic. Ensuring and protecting the privacy of your uploaded contents is our top priority.
Third-party services are additional services offered by our network of trusted professionals, to help you enhance your memories and your digital heritage. Learn more about each service on its dedicated page..
Some of you might not feel entirely comfortable just storing your personal data online. This is why we offer you the possibility to combine the benefits of a cloud platform with the sense of security given by keeping a physical copy of your whole digital heritage and the keys to access it. If you wish to receive once a year a physical copy of your data, you just need to purchase our dedicated service. We will deliver everything to you, saved on the most suitable and updated data carrier (pen drive, hard disk, SSD, etc).
Your memories, your stories and your contents can be viewed using different criteria. You can view a Timeline of your memories, a Memotion, or you can explore your memory map, the atlas of your memories. You can travel again through the years and places that witnessed your memories, your achievements, your stories.
With our Graph you can move from one memory to another, retracing the connections between them. Discover their common details and unexpected linking elements.
All together, you memories can really tell a unique story: your own.

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