Useful services for your memories

We will soon offer you the possibility to purchase these services directly from our website. For now, should you be interested in any of them please contact us, and we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Physical services

We help you convert to digital or physical form your memories, recollections or documents. eMemory offers you these services, and on our users community you can find the experience of those who have gone through these procedures before you. Digitalisation allows you to share the same memory with several people, preventing it to be lost if the only data carrier in which it is stored is damaged or missing. Physicalisation allows you to keep at home a larger number of pictures and texts that often are drowned or forgotten in the everyday flow of digital data.

Memoràmia produces high-quality, captivating books based on your contents or on an interview with you. They can gather the stories, biographies, memories of those who are no longer with us.

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For nearly 30 years, Fulvio and Mauro Eandi have been restoring works of art on canvas, panels and papers, polychrome wood and mural paintings. Many important customers have chosen the great competence and highest respect for art offered by Studio Eandi.

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Recupera e digitalizza foto, diapositive, Super8, audiocassette e tanti altri ricordi preziosi. Proteggili con eMemory Acquista il pacchetto più adatto alle tue esigenze Recover and protect your memories with eMemory Contact us

Professional advice

Notaries, lawyers, historians and biographers can guide us as we wish to create, protect and enhance our digital heritage, through different stages in our life and following our needs. eMemory offers you highly qualified professionals, as well as the experience of those users who have gone through these procedures before you.

How you can tell your own story
Many of us would like to capture and tell the story of our own life, or the life of a friend, community, group, company, organization we are or were part of. Anything from politics to work, from the show business to sports, where we have poured all our energies, where we have pursued our wildest dreams and hopes. We often think it would take a very long time, but this is not true... Il Camaleonte can help you retrace your stories starting from your pictures, letters, memories. They can write it down as a poem, a tale, a novel, a script for a play or a movie. Everything from a narration to a show. So that you can leave a trace behind…

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Education and Games

Our platform and professionals offer you information, training and education to face the risks of the internet: data profiling, privacy, cyberbullying are just a few of the issues that demand an increased awareness in the use of the web, from teenagers and adults alike. Moreover, eMemory creates and promotes educational games to bring different generations together as they build up their collective memory, and through which both the young and the elderly can be taught a responsible use of the web.