eMemory is you digital home: enjoy your emotions and stories in total privacy and safety.

Would you like to create a well-organized and private archive, without the risk of being caught in the rowdy chaos of social networks?
Your memories and emotions deserve to be kept safe. With eMemory, it is easy and secure. Start now building your digital archive.
A world of emotions is waiting for you.


Organize your digital heritage and enrich your contents with context and details

You can be the spectator of your own story

A private digital environment, without any data monitoring or profiling for commercial purposes. eMemory offers you a new experience to collect your thoughts. Free from the pressure of social networks. To help you get to know yourself, your story and that of your close ones. When you are dealing with your own emotions, do not hurry. Relax. Take all the time you need to build your personal archive. Have fun and relive your emotions as you retrace your stories. Give yourself a lovely present.

Our most important memories are built together

With eMemory, you can build your personal collections alone or with the help of others, and create shared archives using categories, organizations, companies, institutions, communities and groups. Build up the archives of your collective stories and memories through memory groups.

Many features, one goal: saving your memories

eMemory offers you several features to let you enjoy your travels through your past, present and future emotions and stories.

Memory Timeline
Enjoy you memories displayed in chronological order. Rediscover the evolution of your story. Every single moment helped making you the person you are now.
Memory Map
All the places in your life. Discover all the locations connected to your personal contents. Travel through the atlas of your emotions.
Enhance your Memories
Details can make all the difference. Give a context to your contents by adding important details. Life is made of many stories weaved together. Give them the value they deserve.
eMemory Square
Your memories are intimate and private, yet sometimes sharing your experience with everybody can be good and useful. Our eMemory square contains all public contents.

With eMemory, you have the keys to your destiny

Inside your eMemory archive, you can manage your digital data and their destiny. You can create new contents starting from your old analog memories. Do not let your digital heritage be scattered. Do not leave it into the wrong hands.

Different levels of privacy
Choose a destiny for every single file. In each case, you can choose whether your file is deleted after your death, shared with the people you have selected – e.g. by creating a memory group –, or made available to everybody on our eMemory Square, starting from any moment you wish.
Digital Legacy
Taking care of our own data and our own digital death is a hugely important aspect of our contemporary life, one that should not be neglected. Manage your digital legacy with eMemory. You can choose which files you wish to delete after your death and select the people who will be allowed to access your contents. Digital Legacy Homepage
Turn your analog documents and memories to digital. Digitalise your diary entries, old pictures, video and audio tapes, LPs. Enrich your digital heritage, for yourself or for your close ones. Protect them from damage and make them easier to share and access. Digitalise
Physical delivery
Keep a copy of your data physically close to you. You can order a copy of your archive: a paper copy for your selected documents, or a backup copy on a data carrier of all contents saved in your eMemory. Choose how to keep safe your story and digital heritage. Order your copy